Subject: MV Northern Ranger along Labrador coast
Hi Ziners: With all of the talk of Canada's being a hot travel destination in the next year, I would, once again, like to urge those of you with a sense of adventure to try a 12-day trip on the Labrador coastal steamer, NORTHERN RANGER, which runs from July to mid-Oct. from St. Anthony, Newfoundland, to Nain, Labrador and back, with many stops at Inuit and Innu villages unreachable by roads. Next year may be the last year that this ship runs, as more roads are being built in S. Labrador; thus the demand for the ten cabins reserved for round-trip passengers will be high---they are already taking a waiting list---actual deposits are accepted starting in February. Friends of our just got on the waiting list yesterday. We learned so much, met such interesting people who were fellow passengers, got to talk with some of the country's leading stone carvers, met the Labrador champion dog team racer, experienced first-hand the sad condition of the Innu in Davis Inlet, saw several huge, magnificent icebergs up close and personal, stayed up much of one night on deck watching a gorgeous display of Northern Lights, saw lots of whales, and stayed near St. Anthony at Valhalla B and B on Gunner's Cove in the very room where E. Annie Proulx stayed while she collected ideas for her Pulitzer-prize winning book, The Shipping News. We are tempted to do the trip again--that's how exciting and fascinating we found it. It's a ferry, not a cruise ship, which makes it even better! We would be happy to answer any questions. For those of you who wrote earlier hoping for a daily travelogue, I guess it won't be---Bill dictates ideas into his little tape recorder, typing up the journal after he gets home---thus it is a very personal thing, full of reactions, commentary (sometimes he's mad at me or I am mad at him!! You know how that goes while travelling!) as well as the daily doings---so he feels that his journal is just for us, and I respect that. But we will be really happy to tell you anything you want to know about this very unique vacation. Cheers, and good wishes, Pat in Baltimore