Subject: Re: Greenland and Iceland

I have the Insight Guide to Iceland here at home. I'd be happy to loan it to you for however long you might need it. A former boss used to go to Iceland occasionally and loved it.

I'm probably not going to be going any time soon, but a year or two ago when I looked into it, Iceland Air flies out of Chicago and goes to Amsterdam with a stop over in Rychovac (I know I spelled that wrong). You are allowed to stay on the layover for up to 30 days with no additional financial cost. I can't remember what my source was, but it said that since Iceland Air is the national airline and the country depends on tourism, they are very generous with the amount of time that you want to stay over before continuing on to Amsterdam. And if I remember correctly, Iceland receives about 200,000 tourists a year. Which might not seem like a lot but to them I think it is.

Cat in Chicago