Subject: Hotel vs self-catering
Hi Ziners: Bill and I simply like to self-cater; I don't know that it is a matter of economics---one can get high-end and low-end hotels or self-catering units. We like being able to have an apt./house in which to relax if we are tired of running around. We like to shop a little in local grocery stores and fix our own breakfasts. Often, if we have an evening event planned, we will just eat a snack or light meal in our apt. before going out. Many of our friends prefer hotels, saying they are on vacation and do not want to have to cook, make beds, etc. We do no fancy cooking--still eat out for that. Also, one's own apt./house makes entertaining friends so much easier and more pleasant, whether they be friends from the area or friends from home who happen to be where you are at the same time. So, to sum up, I think it simply depends on what you prefer, not so much on cost. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore