Subject: gifts for travellers
Good morning, Debra. One essential is a little case for meds called Meds on Time. I have meds I must take at a certain time each day and changing time zones in several hour increments makes that almost impossible without this handy little item. It has an alarm beeper that can be set by the case's clock which I leave set on my home time zone. I take my meds at my home time and never miss a dose. It also has an ample compartment for the necessary medications. It is no larger than a lady's compact. I found it at Eckerd's but am sure it's available in any nationally franchised pharmacy.

Another indispensable item is my Earplane ear plugs that prevent air pressure deafness and pain. Since my discovery of these, flying has become much more enjoyable. They are i nexpensive money wise, but are priceless when I arrive without ear pain and pressure that takes several miserable days to resolve itself.

I hope I have made some useful suggestions for you. The Earplanes should be considered #1 on the list of my essentials.

Sara Wetegrove Corpus Christi, Texas