Subject: Asia trip
Hi Andrew, Your idea of a week in HK and a week in Vietnam sounds good. There are quite a few places over the border from Hong Kong that you could even take as day trips that would give you a good feel for, at least, Southern China. Actually - you could also do a short 2-day excursion to Macau, then over the border to Zhongshan (Sun Yat Sen's birthplace), then on to Guangzhou (Canton) and back to HK.

I just (yesterday!) had a GTG with Dan Cutcher (pictures to follow) and he and his friend took a one day excursion over to Guangzhou and Shenzen and really enjoyed it - am sure he'll tell more about this when he gets back.

I loved Vietnam and would highly recommend splitting your time between Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hue, and Hoi An. Personally, I liked Hanoi much more than HCM City - and found the historical sites of Hue and Hoi An fascinating.

Will be glad to offer lots of suggestions when you get into detailed planning - for my adopted home and Vietnam. And... don't forget to hold at least a lunch for a GTG!!!

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong