Subject: Iceland and Greenland
The Spitsbergen cruise by Bergen Line was not the one cancelled. We had booked one that did both the Faroes and Spitsbergen, and it was cancelled. We did the south leg of the fjord cruise with Bergen and want to go back and do the round trip and try to work their cruise to Spitsbergen in with it. Although, I think we may be able to only do the north leg of the fjords and then Spitsbergen ... but that will be 2003, I think.

As for the North Cape, it was utterly unbelievable ... the scenery was magnificent ... we took a bus from the port to the actual North Cape letting us see reindeer, magnificent mountains and WATER!! The Cape juts out so majestically ... if you get the chance, you must go, and I can't recommend the Bergen Line cruises highly enough.

Chase your dreams, Sara. Cyndy - NY