Subject: gifts for travellers
Hi Debbie- Here are a couple of things we don't leave home w/o - at least when we travel out of the country:

Twisty hair towel - this was a gift from my sister that has become an invaluable take-along. It's made of a special fiber that absorbs well and dries quickly. Kind of a turban towel that you use to twist-dry your hair after washing. The towel supply in most euro lodgings leaves much to be desired, so this provides one extra for hair use. Really small - good for packing too. Made by Brittane Corp.

Vacuum pack ziplocks- We use the extra large ones, and they are especially helpful in the winter when we are taking along sweaters.

Fold-up suitcase/totebag/duffle- placed in suitcase, empty, upon departure, and carried home full of goodies upon return:)

Anne in VA