Subject: Iceland
Pat was interested in knowing more about my trip to Iceland, especially travelling around by bus. Yes, I travelled by local busses but it seemed that most passengers were tourists. I had a bus passport for this. There are (or were in 1998 when I was there) three kind of passports: the full-circle passport (valid on road no. 1, no time limit, one direction, $225), full-circle incl. Westfjords ($333) and omnibus passport (valid on all routes, available for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks, $239-502). Holders of passports receive discounts for many tours. You can buy the passport at the BSI bus terminal in Reykjavik. If I remember right, a photo was needed for the passport. The buses stopped always after some hours somewhere where it was possible to eat and drink, so it wasn't a problem to travel whole day. And they also stopped at famous waterfalls and other scenic spots so the tourists were able to take pictures. If you have other questions about this, please ask. You can also have more information from the bus terminal in Reykjavik, their e-mail is: travel Maybe they nowadays can be found also in the Internet. They have a very good brochure (mine is called Iceland summer 1998, English edition) with a lot of information, also about tours and excursions, also to Greenland. Tuija from Finland