Subject: Hong Kong
Hi Juliette, Welcome to the group!

Hong Kong is at its quietest at Chinese New Year time. It's a family holiday (many family and ancestoral rituals to be observed) and, for some stores, the only time of the year when they close (for one day). The parade is fun and the fireworks over the harbour not to be missed.

Would be happy to provide any kind of advice you'd like - just not sure where to start! Any specific questions you have in mind?

Thanks to Lou for the tip on the Cafe Margaux in the Kowloon Shangri-la (it is still there - but I've never tried it). I do have to caution on the shopping is not to be believed comment, though. HK used to be the best place in the world for shopping - for both variety and price but ... it's definitely not the leader any more. There is good variety and you can find good prices (for some things) if you know where to go and you know how to 'haggle' but people who come here with the specific purpose of taking home bargains are often disappointed. I wish that the Tourist Board would stop promoting shopping and do more to promote the wonderful history and culture of this city - as well as the hiking and green areas. Even though 74% of the SAR is designated 'country park' - few tourists even know its here.

I've actually booked a holiday in northern Thailand over Chinese New Year but I hope that you'll be in HK at least one day after I get back so that we can have a GTG (TheTravelzine get together).

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong