Subject: RE: Asia trip
Hi Juliette,

We're planning to do just about what you and your son did in Thailand. I'm really looking forward to it. Our tickets are tentatively booked right now to leave on the 9th of February and return on the 16th.

I suggest that you shouldn't need to book in advance for tours - HK is a very easy (and safe) place to get around. The best tours are into the less accessible places (such as the New Territories) - and you can book those through the tourist offices after you arrive and get your bearings. I'll give you lots of info before you come (in fact, if you send me your address by private email - I'll send you a copy of my book on Hong Kong - it's out of print now but ... much of the info is still valid).

> I really look forward to tasting the authentic food and
> mingle with the locals in the night life of HK, and heard
> that they have night food stalls on the streets in the city.
> Do you know where?

Oodles of them - lots in the well known tourist spots (around the major markets like Temple Street, etc). There's also a great new place that opened recently that has recreated the food stalls (and styles) of the past all together in a new building - it's a lot more hygienic than the street stalls and the food is great.

> Are the stores/shopping centers will be closed for only
> one-day during the New Year's celebration or some weeks
> long?

Most of the main tourist places are open throughout - it's the family stores that close down. Some manufacturing and/or marketing offices take the opportunity to close for the week but - you shouldn't be affected by that.

No imposition - that's what this kind of group is for! And ... it's easier to answer specific questions than a broad 'tell me everything'

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong