Subject: Re:private guides in Prague &Strasbourg &Koln
Dear Ziners,

Haven't written for awhile but I've been planning lots of trips. 8-) did fly from Portland, OR to Salt Lake City for a quick visit to see my new granddaughter. Wonderful visit. I checked my one bag so went through security in about 3 minutes. They x-rayed my large purse but didn't look inside it at either airport.

I'm taking a Uniworld 7 night Danube River cruise to visit Christmas markets in early Dec. I've been to the markets in Munich, Garmisch, &several small villages but am looking forward to Nuremberg &Vienna. Winter in Germany & Austria is exhilirating &just plain delightful. Do we have Viennese Ziners who would like to GTG?

Also planning a May trip for a friend to her ancestral villages. I'll be the guide for her &13 yr. old granddaughter for most of the trip but I'm looking for a private guide with car (or we can rent one) in Strasbourg, France, Cologne, Germany, &Prague to spend a day guiding the 3 of us to the small villages she wants to visit. Anybody have any suggestions for guides? Certainly would be appreciated. Also any great ideas for B &B's in Strasbourg or vicinity &Prague? Already have reservations to stay at the Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais in Paris. I've tried to stay there before but never got lucky. I know it's been really recommended on the list. I have a convenient B &B near the Cologne hauptbahnhof if anyone is interested.

Sorry, this is getting long but I have one other also planning a Feb. get-away since Europe airfares are so inexpensive &I have a 2 for 1 certificate I need to use. (Yeh, rationalization!) Looking at Algarve or Crete. How about helping me decide? Pros &cons would be appreciated.

Thanks, Carol Bailey High desert Oregon