Subject: Driving in Bavaria
My husband and I are going to Rothenburg, Germany for about 8 days over Christmas holiday. three questions:

1) We prefer not to fly (for the record we would be avoiding airports regardless of 11 Sep) so our choices are to take a train or drive from Amsterdam to Rothenburg. It's been almost two years since either of us have driven -- we haven't need a car at all since we left the US. We enjoy train travel and we know it would be a long trip with at least two transfers. Has anyone made this journey or a similar one? Any advice? How long of a drive would it be?

We were thinking of taking the train to Frankfurt and then picking up a rental car and driving the rest. What do you think?

2) We do plan to rent a car while in Bavaria. What places would you recommend around Rothenburg? A couple of years ago we went to Munich and did several day trips from it to the major tourist spots like Eagle's Nest, Neuschweinstein and Linderhof castles. Any suggestions for little towns the tourist buses ignore?

Like I said, it's been a while since either of us has been behind the wheel, so any driving in Germany tips would be appreciated!

3) What can we expect in terms of weather in winter? Should we worry about being caught in major snow storms?

Erina Amsterdam