Subject: Re: Rome and Florence request for help
Sorry to have missed the original posting. I can't let this header get through without taking the time to mention our family's Florence favorites:

1. The Nizza Hotel at Vie Giglio and Panzani. Not elegant but reasonably priced and run by two of the most enjoyable hoteliers you will ever meet, Roberto and Piero. The location is also superb--near Santa Novella Church. 2. The Giglio Rosso Ristorante. Right downstairs from the Nizza. Magnificent and reasonably priced. 3. Vaggi Jewelers. The first store on your right on the Ponte Vecchio. Excellent quality for the money. 4. Modava Gloves. At the Oltrano side of the Ponte Vecchio. Wonderful selection of gloves. 5. OldTown leather. Approximately four stores down from Modava. Excellent coats. 6. Piazzele Michaelangelo. Bliss out with the view of the city below you.

Incidentally, we just made our reservations for trip #7 this coming May.

Ira H. Bernstein, Ph. D.