Subject: Re: Travel in Spain
Hi Pat,

I wouldn´t recommend travelling by train in Spain, unless you are thinking of getting the AVE between Madrid and Sevilla. Our railway network has been designated with Madrid in its centre, and it is not so wide expanded in the perifery. Also, the only high-speed way until now is the one that runs between Madrid and Sevilla. In a year or two we will have a high-speed train between Madrid and Barcelona, and that will solve a lot of problems (and it will probably close down the flights between the two cities).

It will help if you tell us what are your plans. Do you intend to travel around? Are you going to be based in one city during that time?

The URL for the national railway company is

About buses, as Joanne sugested, it is true that they are more popular here. A bit cheaper than the train, and reaching more places. Depending on where will you plan to be travelling, I can have a look and find for your the URLs of some of the companies. Here you have a good one :

Kind regards, and any question you might have about my country, please, go ahead.

Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)