Subject: Re: Driving in Bavaria
Hi Erina, I spent a couple of weeks last August in Rothenburg. I havenŽt written a travelogue, because it was mostly studying, but I did have a great time there. Lots of work, and new friends. Anyway, I bought a guide book over Francony (Franken), the Northern Bavaria region where Rothenburg is located. It is quite good, but we finished not using it because we headed down for Neuschwanstein during the week-end.

But a couple of places near Rothenburg, and with a great Christmas Market (remember, before the 24th of December) are Wrzburg and ... Nrnberg, of course.

We had a favourite restaurant, small and with great wine : Altfr#nkische Weinstube (IŽll dig in my notes and find their phone number).

Here you have the URL for Rothenburg, so you can begin to move around :

There were quite a few mails about the region back in August, so you might be able to find them in the archives.

Enjoy it !

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