Subject: Re: Re: Driving in Bavaria
Hi Greg, no, Erina wonīt be able to get a direct train to Rothenburg. When I was there in August, I had two changes. I got the train in Frankfurt Airport to Wurzburg, another train from Wurzburg to Steinach, and a small one from Steinach to Rothenburg. There were people in my class coming from Brussels, and they had 3 changes (Cologne, Wurzburg and Steinach). Check it at

Rothenburg is not so well comunicated by public transport, and I was lucky that one of the guys in the course had brought his car, so we were able to move around during the weekend. I donīt think that the roads would be so bad during that time (based on my experience of living in Germany during the winter). The biggest problem in Rothenburg would be to find a parking place.

Iīd check with to see if you can reach Rothenburg via motorway. I suppose that coming from Amsterdam you might have to go across the infamous Frankfurter Dreieck (three motorways come together and it is a complete nightmare for non-German drivers).

And of course, something you should already know living in Amsterdam. It gets dark so early, that you should take this into account when driving around.

Good luck, Erina, and I hope youīll enjoy Rothenburg. Please donīt eat the Rothebunger Schneeballen. The best definition I found was boring.

Regards, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)