Subject: driving in bavaria
dear erina, twice in the last four years ('98 &2000) i have driven around bavaria, exclusively to visit their christmas markets:-

nurnberg....the grand-daddy of them all with a great altstadt, too. worth a trip but go during the week when it's not so crowded. of my favorites; not to be missed've been there, great market with other activities available to fill out a couple of days.

salzburg, austria.....if you want to get in the christmas spirit, drive over and enjoy the small christmas market in the domplatz with the castle looming above, horse-drawn sleighs, etc.

bad tolz (south of munich).....if small town germany with No tourists is what you're looking for, come here. i stopped in for a lunch break last year and didn't leave until the following morning. spectacular setting on their main strasse, great architecture and nobody that can speak english.

dinkelsbuhl.....on the romantic road south of rothenburg is also great.

rothenburg gets VERY VERY crowded.....i (by design) arrived early before the tour busses.

on driving.....four years ago the weather was bitter with much snow. last year was a heat wave in that i was walking around wth just a heavy need for a coat! i believe last year was far from the norm, though.

if you need more specific information, please let me now.

p.s. i'm returning to germany next year for can't be beat!!