Subject: Post-vacation displacement
Hi Ziners---after reading Sara's comment about not ever wanting to get off a ship, I can really relate to that. Every cruise we have been on, I have wanted to stay right on the ship and do the whole thing again. Maybe we have incredible luck in picking the right cruises/ships, but I could have repeated instantly the Norwegian Coastal steamer cruise, the Labrador Coastal Ferry, the Iceland/Faroes, Spitsbergen, Norway cruise, the Lindblad 21-day transatlantic cruise, all of the hotelboat canal cruises in England and Wales, the cruise from Venice to Istanbul and back, the Alaskan coastal cruise, the cruise around Hawaii, the Scottish Hebrides sailboat excursion, etc.! I have said to Bill that maybe we should do like some people do, and just arrange with a shipping line to spend a whole year on the boat for a pre-negotiated monthly fee---trouble is, we want small ships with interesting itineraries. We find it is especially difficult to reorient ourselves after a week or so on the English canals at 3 mph and no car traffic---just crossing a busy road shocks our sensibilities!

And, after a month or two of driving in Britain, I am totally convinced that we are about to have horrible accidents back here in the U.S. when we do the right thing and drive on the right-hand side of the road---it seems so wrong.

Cheers from sunny Baltimore, where we are still eating most of our midday meals outdoors, preferably along the water! Pat