Subject: RE: Post-vacation Displacement, or the Coming-home Blues
Hello fellow patients:

John, you are right on with your description of PVD. I believe that it has something to do with the fact that you are no longer as unique as you were in the place or places from whence you came. It might also have to do with the origins of consciousness in the post-vacation mind from which emerge the angst of having to return to the office. We often feel that it is good to be home, but it is sad to have left those places in which we were having so much fun. Its the post-vacation reality check that traumatizes the traveler. Nevertheless, you can always identify the symptons in others by the telltale, seemingly offhand comments such as, I didn't think of that last week when I was in __________________. You can fill in the blank. That usually invites a Oh, were you in ________________ last week? Whereupon you can allieve the PVD by relating tales of ___________________ last week. You can also recognize that you are should be getting over PVD when you get to the 30th day after your trip and colleagues disappear at your subtle hints of where you were last month. If you still have an urge to show your slides after that point, then professional help is needed. ;-)