Subject: Re: My first Brit/Ireland tour 12/10 - 12/26 -- advice?!

Just a couple suggestions. I loved Doolin on the west coast of Ireland about an hour &1/2 drive from Shannon airport. The traditional music in the 3 pubs (very small village of about 150 people) is really excellent, as well as great &cheap food in the pubs. The B &B's are quite inexpensive & there is a hostel, too. Also did you know that trains don't run on Dec. 25 & 26 which is Boxing Day ? So plan your transportation accordingly. My favorite pagan site is Avebury where the stones are not as big as Stonehenge nearby but they are impressive &you can walk right up to them, pushing grazing sheep out of the way. So far it's pretty unspoiled. Also has a great old, old church.

Another favorite spot is Ruthin Castle in village of Ruthin in N. Wales...on the way to the ferry to Ireland. The castle has a great, unspoiled, unreconstructed, dungeon. You can root around among the boulders &dirt, thinking about the prisoners who might have met their end here. Take your own flashlight, tho, or electricity in the dungeon.

Probably be cheaper to fly in &out of London but might be better use of your time to fly into London &out of Dublin or Shannon.

Have fun. Carol Bailey High desert Oregon Bright sunshine &blue skies today!