Subject: Crossing into the U.S. from Canada
I just arrived home from a day long bus trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan. We crossed from Canada at Windsor, Ontario through the tunnel and when we got to the U.S. side, the bus pulled up to the customs window. The driver announced that we were all Canadian citizens and that we were going on a shopping trip. They never even came on the bus and checked but waved us all through (so much for security).

However, on the return trip still on the U.S. side and about to enter the tunnel back into Canada, we were met by a Hummer military vehicle and also a jeep and the military police who boarded our bus and wanted photo ID for everyone - they were very polite. They let us go through and when we got to the Canadian side, we all had to get off the bus again and go into the Canada Customs office, again with photo ID and receipts from our purchases. It seems to me that this whole process was bass ackwards.