Subject: Re: Room for 4
Dear Joe

You asked about the best way to find rooms large enough to accommodate 4 persons. I have noticed that many hotel websites will list the rates for triples or family rooms in the sections on their sites where they give prices.

Some hotel booking or listing sites also have a spot in their search vehicles where you can put in a number for people in the room.

Other than that, I would guess that you would have to ask individual hotels that you are interested in staying in about their larger or connecting rooms.

Many Ziners have traveled as families, and perhaps if you asked about specific destinations, someone might be able to recommend a hotel with accommodations suitable for four people.

Also, you could consider renting apartments or houses, which would be able to accommodate a larger party. Many have short term stay options.

And how about checking guidebooks that are specifically targeted to families or adults traveling with children? They would surely have some recommendations.

Good Luck, Debbie in Pittsburgh