Subject: Re: Paris quickie!
Hi Susie

Since you are so close, you really should eat at Le Bastide d' Odeon. This is a quite delicious place, with a mix of chic Parisiennes, and visitors to Paris. It is not quite informal and not at all formal but somewhere in between. This was my favorite restaurant in Paris.

A friend highly recommends another Left Bank restaurant, which we took a peek at but couldn't get seated in as they were full for that evening. I believe the name is Le Fontaine du Mars. A chic crowd also, but a slightly more rustic atmosphere.

The only meal we had in Paris that we didn't enjoy was one recommended in Rick Steves' Paris guide. In general, the food was great, and anything mentioned by Jack on his website tends to be very good. He recommends many informal places.

Linda and Don also have two wonderful travelogues of Paris on their website:

Bon chance ( and please excuse my lousy French spelling), Debbie in Pittsburgh