Subject: Re: Paris quickie!
Hi Susie, a favourite of us (and itīs not a gourmet temple, I know) is a cafe located on the place de la Madeleine, near Fauchon. It is called Cafe Madeleine, on a corner across from Fauchon. At lunch time it is full from people working at the offices nearby, and usually there are quite a few tourists. Food is simple, great salads and omelettes. The waiters are fast and polite. Last september we had two salads, my mum had a polar salade or something like that, with lots of smoked salmon, and I had a season salad, with plenty of nuts and cheese. And Badoit, and the coffee was good. Mum only drinks decaf, and she said that it was quite OK (whatīs a compliment, coming from her). As I said, itīs not a place to linger for two hours, but it is well located, the foot is good (the omelettes looked good) and you can rest your feet for a while. Iīd recommend you to go there between 1:30 and 2:00, because previously there are a lot of people from the offices, and it can get pretty hectic. Another place I like is a greek restaurant called Orestias, near your hotel. It is really simple, I know, and they write your order on the paper tablecloth. But they have a good greek salad, tasty lamb, and seeing the waiters chatting away, you could imagine getting back to Greece. It is really old, just donīt be afraid of the stuffed bear near the toilettes. We had greek salad, dolmades, roast lamb shoulder and moussaka, and it was really comfort food. Here you have a web page I found about them:

Have a great trip, and say hi to the Victoire de Samothrace from me,

Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)