Subject: Re: Stuttgart/Zuffenhausen
Hi Ray,

As I live here obviously I never tried a hotel - but there are a lot. And I'd say 300DM/night is anything less but budget - won't be too difficult. Perhaps you could look at for accomodation. If you have some problems feel free to ask - no problem. Of course it would be also possible to stay outside the city if you have your car - for ideas it would be good to know what you will do in addition to the museums. There is no big problem in traffic jams if you avoid morning and evening rush hours (which shouldn't be a problem four tourists :-) ).

About 170 km from Stuttgart is the Europa Park - a thing comparable to Disney World - BUT without Goofy and Mickey Mouse and wonderful buildings from many countries of Europe instead. It's great fun (really) and I like the rollercoasters (and other things like that) there more than in Disney World (I've seen both!).

You could combine a trip there with crossing the Black Forest (Europa Park is in Rust near the Rhine) and you can stay in a hotel in Europa Park, too.

In Stuttgart there are musicals, theatre, concerts and more - you could look at the programms if you know the dates of your holiday exactly. Perhaps you have the chance to visit the Fruehlingsfest - something like the Oktoberfest in Munich - a bit smaller - the bigger one in Stuttgart is in the fall - but quite original nevertheless.