Subject: best and bad foods
Surprisingly one of our worst meals was in a place called Da Bruno in Pisa (via Bianchi 12) it was an insult ...I believe that they might know how to cook better but the fact remains that they gave us that unspeakable food I' ll never know why, on of our best meals was in a little restaurant in Rippol , Cataluna, Spain, in this small town, out of the beaten path, we were invited by our local friends to a young chefs small restaurant , they took us upstairs to a private charming room and dish after dish was brought to us as well as excellent wines and at the end a bottle of local orujo .Everything was superb , being the main dish a filet mignon with strawberry sauce , ...the chef Joselina, came to our table and frankly I had no words to thank her,...CATALUNA is full of great young chefs that made memorable our last trip to that region of Spain. I lost the address of Joselina but I will get it from our friends in RIppol and is anyone is interested please do ask.

Graziella miami Beach Keep in mind that we love Italian food.