Subject: Re: Pyrenees Information

In my opinion, I'd never go in the summer -- many thunderstorms in the Pyrénées during the afternoons in the summer and doing your kind of hiking-through, hut to hut won't be fun. Also, the huts get very crowded in the summer as it's first-come, first-serve. Ever think about an alternative? The passes will be open in the summer, but I think you might want other seasons. The huts are manned until the end of Sept - but open all year, so never fear. We've taken refuge in a hut in the fall in a white out once... picnicing on the other side of the entry as the bunkroom was locked!

Consider flying to Toulouse (most connections a day to cities in the Pyrénées) and renting a car - The mts are big, big and distances very far! B&B's and people are great and it's cheap!!! Trust me! Other alternatives are Pau and Tarbes but these (small cities) usually have one flight from Paris a day...

Regards, Susie, Newton