Subject: Introduction? Yes, please!
Hello Ziners

I feel compelled by Cova's message to comply and let you know some more about your hardline moderators, so you'll better endure our looming presence on the list :-)

Born, raised and living in Trieste, a city once a crossroad between West and East and now still looking for its role. I remember very well the landing on the moon because I'm a boy out of the fifties.

I work in the express courier business (Operations, the ones making stuff run!) since so long I'm going to believe I'm the one who invented it... My family wasn't used to travel except for some visit to relatives in southern Italy every two years, but I was infected by the travel virus in 1974, when my father took me to London. After then I had been longing for it for a long time, but only after several years I was able to start going around (with my wife-to-be, another infected person) almost as much as I wanted, first Italy, then Europe and ending with the long-range trips to Asia, South America and Africa in 1985/1988. Tanzania was the last one, in 1988, as a romantic day at Ngorongoro Crater Park turned out to generate our first son and temporarily slowed us down.

No way we were going to be stopped, so it was a lot of Italy and Europe again, and the birth of our daughter in 1992 wasn't ever considered as a problem to our trips.

Now my children are growing and not only they are happy to go around with us, but they are starting plans on their own: my son just announced he and his schoolmates will be taken by their teachers to Munich and the Black Forest in May 2002. My only regret is I can't go with them.....