Subject: Italy-New Member
Hi Sheila, I agree with Linda and Deborah, ....the 5 Terre, are too full of people, this region is some kind of a latest discovery where everybody my opinion, this is the reason that took away all the charm of these fishing small towns, grant you they have great views, are quaint and there are plenty of lovely paths around the cliffs .. but as I said before too crowded,..... a friend told me that during a week end people were in line to walk around the paths in the cliffs.... can you imagine ?!! ;-(,

I would say that under this condition most of the charm is instantly gone....:-( at least for me.

I agree with Deborah there are so many lovely places in the Ligure coast if you have to go there, but I tend to agree more with Linda's advise and to choose a couple of central destinations in Toscana and Umbria. -

Urbino is beautiful and the awesome palace of Duca Federico is absolutely a must.

I love La Marche, but you must know that coming let us say from the Motepulciano area it is a hard drive to get to Urbino , I mean that you have to get across the Apennines Mountains,.. .Bologna seems to be an ideal destination for any one interested in food, food there is sublime.

If you stay in the Motepulciano area do not miss a little further South lovely Orvieto. This is a place that although it has its share of tourists offers: great food - Il Giglio d'Oro,Il Sette Consoli and others-plus it is a charming town; mainly Orvietto has an extraordinary Duomo, with one of the most famous facades in all Italy, and great paintings in one of its chapels.

I hope I am not too confusing .... the good news is that no matter where you go you will have a great time, Graziella Miami- Beach