Subject: Re: New Member with Italy questions
Hi Sherry,

I agree with other travelers about the fact that Cinque terra is a nice place but it is becoming too touristy. All the Ligurian riviera is well linked by train so that I'd stay in another town and just get there for a visit. About hike, Tigullio (S. Margherita ligure/Camogli) park is still wonderful and not as full of tourist as cinqueterre.

About Milan, yes it is not comparable to Rome, florence or Venice but I believe it is worth a visit, at least only for 1 day. just the time to visit the impressive gotic Cathedral (Duomo), the city castle (Castello Sforzesco) and admire the last supper of Leonardo (need a reservation). I'll send you privately my report about Milan (that is my city!).

About central Italy, a while ago I sent to the whole list some suggestion of Italian itinerary. I'll send you privately. If anybodi else would like have a look to my itinerary, please let me know privately.

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy