Subject: Who are we?
Dear Fellow Travelers:

I'm a 50-ish year old married lady living in Providence Rhode Island who is always planning and scheming to travel as often as possible, which is never often enough. I have a daughter living in Florence, Italy so I get to Italy at least once a year and still haven't seen all I'd like to. I've been all over the USA, So. Florida, Atlanta, Denver, Vail, San Francisco, Napa, New York City, and more but still haven't gotten to the Grand Canyon and Sante Fe. They're close to the top of the list. TheTravelzine group is always there to share their knowledge and experience. I look forward to reading the digests from my fellow travelers and to fantasize about all the places I may go to someday. The GTG's socials are a great way to meet like minded friends and I highly recommend that any new (or old) members try to get to them. Don't forget we have one coming up in June in Newport R.I. and I hope to see you all there. Rebbi Levin Providence Rhode Island