Subject: best location in Central Italy
What a great feeling! , Paolo - whose opinion I highly respect - feels the same way than I regarding the driving across the Apenines Mountains, we drove once from Sansepolcro to Urbino and as I said before in my previous posting, it was wasn't easy driving specially after a big lunch ....

Sansepolcro, Urbino, Firenze,Arrezo, ...they are all in the well known Piero de la Francesca 's route and each one of them is a charming place on its own right.-

The bottom line is that mountains and locations of towns should be taken into consideration for any planning, for instance I do not favour staying let us say in Perugia for doing a lot of daily trips, simply because it is not ideal to get in an out of this town. At least in my opinion.

Graziella Miami Beach.