Subject: Amer Express Membership Rewards
To all Ziners collecting Canadian American Express Membership Rewards Points

In case, like me, you have not read the 'Notice of Change' on your recent statement, please note that as of December 15, 2001, due to the shrinking value of our Canadian dollar, the ratio for point transfers to Continental and Delta Air Lines will be 1,000 Membership Rewards Points to 750 Airline Frequent Flyer points or miles. This means that one economy ticket to Europe that currently costs 50,000 points will, after December 15, cost 66,670 points.

I am scrambling to convert my Amex points to Delta immediately and have come up with the usual assortment of roadblocks, as follows: Opening a Delta account will take one week to add to the system; transferring the points will take an additional 3 days but for a mere 3,500 points, it can all be done in 24 hours. I was told that as long as my Delta account is confirmed and my transfer request is received before the 15th, they will honor it.

My suggestion, to anyone holding American Express membership rewards points who plan to use them on Delta or Continental in the future, is to have the points transferred as quickly as possible before the 15th so you will get the full value of your existing points.

Felice Toronto, Ontario