Subject: RE: Dominican Republic
Hi Sandy, We (my husband, 22 yr old son, 19 yr old daughter, and I) were in DR last Christmas and it was wonderful. We were actually there for a friend's wedding and stayed in a rather basic hotel in Santo Domingo.

Depending upon the ages of your children, it is a fascinating place for a history lesson - stepping back into the days of Columbus. Santo Domingo has done an excellent job of restoring many of the significant landmarks.

The beaches that we saw were beautiful and I gather the resorts are lovely.

If you feel adventurous (and your children are old enough to benefit from it) - I highly recommend a bus trip into Haiti. It is dreadfully poor but the people are marvellous and I think we all learned a huge amount from our short venture into the country. We stayed at the Hotel Olafsson (made famous by Graham Greene in the Comedians) and that, in itself, was worth the long, rickety bus ride :)

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong