Subject: Travel To Provence
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Dear Dolly,

October is a good month to visit Provence. Tourists are fewer, but the hotels and restaurants still operate at the usual level. The weather can be chancy; statistically October is the 2nd month qua rainfall (November #1). Then again, those statistics don't predict, because this year October has been a stunning month, full sunshine, temp. in the upper 70's, little rain. As far as the three choices of towns you listed: it all depends what you prefer to do. Hiking, enjoying quiet nature?

The Vaucluse (Apt) would be a good choice. Lively town, beautiful avenues, university atmosphere?

Aix-en-Provence. History? Avignon. Personally I'm not too partial to Avignon as far as an extended stay is concerned. When the Mistral blows, you don't want to be there. A visit though is more than worth while. I would choose Aix, because from there you can easily acces the coast as well as in land.

Arles, Avignon are easy daytrips. Aix lies on major Autoroutes. If you want to combine quiet and liveliness, you may want to go a little farther to the east of Aix. Consider such places as St. Maximin-la-Ste Baume or a village as Barjols or Cotignac. Even bolder: consider my village La Garde-Freinet (in between Le Luc and Saint-Tropez). It has a web site: with a substantial database of rentals. The tourist office is very active and will gladly and honestly recommend a place.

Hope this helps, Frieda Lekkerkerker