Subject: Re-Introductions
Hi, Everyone -

I think the idea of re-introductions is a good idea, so here's mine.

I've been on Travelzine since it started, having met Linda a few years earlier through a different (and now defunct) travel list. I'm originally from Montreal and have been living in Mexico City with my husband (also from Montreal) for just over 2 years, ever since he was transferred to the Canadian Embassy here. Before that, I spent 17 years living in Rome, where I met my husband 5 years ago while he was posted to the Canadian Embassy there. I worked at a U.N. organization (FAO) in Rome for 15 years, and had 6 weeks vacation a year, so I used to have lots of time for travelling. The travel disease got in my blood with my first trip to Europe, back in 1975. Since then, my travels have included all of western, eastern and northern Europe, including Russia and the U.K., as well as Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, Delhi, Indonesia, Turkey, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Bolivia, Lima, and a few places in the U.S. My favourite trips were backpacking in Indonesia in 1996, and backpacking in Israel and Jordan in 1995. One of the most fascinating countries I've ever seen was Yemen.

I used to post often to the list, but now rarely do - in fact, before Flavio joined the list, I used to be the one answering queries on Rome. But he's much better at it than I was!

I now work at the Canadian Embassy, and have only 3 weeks vacation a year. Most of my travelling is limited to weekend trips from Mexico City - but there are so many interesting places to see around here. My husband and I went out of town last weekend and I've done a short travelogue on our trip, which I am posting separately.

Laurie in Mexico City (formerly from Rome)