Subject: Re-Introductions
Hi everybody,

just a quick re-introduction of myself as well!

My name is Flavio, and I am a 29 years old Italian guy from Rome. I am one of the oldest members of The Travelzine (actually I have been the first person to join it after Don &Linda created it!) even though lately I didn't post much.... in fact I have been very busy doing my final project and writing my master thesis, and finally next Thursday I will graduate in Telecommunication engineering!!! So this are my last three days as a student!

I love travelling and meeting people of different cultures, and in this years I hosted several GTGs in Rome.... being a poor student I did all my travels on budget, so if you want to spend 1 month around California with less than 1000$ buying CDs and clothes just ask me :o))) I like travelling as a backpacker and hostelling, but not just because it's cheap: it gives you the chance to meet many other people and enjoy the places better!

Now that I finished school, I want to have an experience abroad, so as soon as I find a job I will leave Italy and settle somewhere else.... that doesn't mean I won't keep on sending suggestions about Rome and Italy (besides the other places I have been), but I am also working to find another member who will take my place in Rome (and which I took from Laurie - thanks for your words L.! :o)) ).

Well, that's all for now... I still have some work to do, but I'll be back soon in full force!

Ciao! Flavio in Rome