Subject: RE: Re-Introductions
Hello! I guess I'm not so much as re introducing as I am introducing. I actually was on the old travel-L with Laurie, Flavio, Don and Linda etc.. but couldn't find this list until fairly recently. I'm glad to see several familiar names. I'm Kim Darcy, formerly Kim Hasegawa or Kim in Seattle. Now I'm Kim Darcy, still in Seattle - where today it is cold and rainy! I share your love for travel and travel vicariously though you as in recent years I've found myself feeling uneasy to fly. I used to travel a lot - mostly to Japan and domestically here in the U.S. My husband took a job across the state (of Washington) and we had to commute across the state, flying, for six months. One flight in particular (a Boeing 737) was extremely turbulent - I got off the flight and nearly collapsed! I think since then I've really been a nervous flyer. I absolutely love to travel though!

I realize that I'll never get to Italy, or France, or Japan again unless I get over this stupid fear! So that one flight, plus the recent horrible events will keep me domestic for a while. I'll just keep reading the travelogues and keep dreaming!

Nice to talk to you all! Please email me privately if you think I need a therapist! ha ha.

Kim in Seattle