Subject: RE: Re-Introductions

I'm Jonathan Chimene, and I forget how I found my way to this group, but I've been off and on for two or three years. I attended one get together in Chicago, at the often discussed Pizza D.O.C., about two years ago. I lived in Chicago for 18 years, but moved back home to NY last January. I now reside in Brooklyn Heights. I have had the travel bug since I spent a year after college attempting to play professional tennis in Europe. I ended up teaching and playing for a team in the German club league in Saarbrucken, which is right on the French border. From there I explored as much of Europe as I could, and I have been planning my life around my travel plans ever since. I get to London between 6-8 times a year, as my girlfriend has been living there since 1998. We try to go to Italy every year, and our favorite places tend to be in Campania, Sicily, and Umbria, although we are always looking for new hangouts. My other favorite places to travel are in Thailand and Indonesia. I have been all over Mexico and the Caribbean, but nowhere else in Central or South America. I hope to get to Chile, Peru, and other South American countries sometime soon. I am planning to spend two weeks in Australia in late January, but I am still working on the itinerary.

Best wishes from New York Jonathan Chimene