Subject: EuropCar
Hi Ziners,

I just wanted to pass along something that happened with Europcar, from whom I rented in October.

I rented a vehicle for 1 week in Spain through a Europcar agent in Toronto called Holiday Network. Having paid for the car in full before travelling to Spain I expected no additional charge. Well a few days ago, two months after the rental, Europcar charged my Master Card $250. I contacted their American office yesterday by fax and explained that this was an error. Today I received an email saying that they would refund the charge with the exception of the charge for a tank of fuel. I wrote again and informed that I had returned the car full of fuel as requested by the Europcar representative in Salamanca. Therefore I wasn't prepared to pay for fuel. Again they wrote and told me that they would refund this charge as well.

While I will wait until I see the refund on my statement before I will consider the matter closed I feel that this was sorted out very quickly and fairly effortlessly.

This is neither a recommendation or condemnation I just thought I would let you know in case anyone is planning on using this company. Keep an eye on your credit card statement.

Regards, Jude