Subject: Re-Introductions

I am Erina in Amsterdam, formerly of Reston, Virginia (a Washington DC suburb). I joined the Travelzine about 3 years ago while still in Northern VA. I met Don, Linda, Flavio, and Giorgio at a GTG in Rome last March. More recently I met Cat &Marguerite in Delft.

A year and a half ago I moved to The Netherlands with my husband, Shane, who got a job here. I had a great first year in Amsterdam blissfully unemployed and now I am back in grad school working towards my MA in European Studies at Universiteit van Amsterdam -- my parents are very glad I was finally accepted to UVA (if you're familiar with Virginia, you'll get it ;-)

I was born in Frankfurt a/m, Germany but don't remember a thing, I am told this is common with newborns. I lived for a while in Livorno, Italy; Okinowa; and Maryland -- my dad was in the US Army. Don't remember much of any of those places. Moved to the DC area when I was 7 years old and stayed there until I came to Amsterdam. I have travelled to: o South Korea, mainly Seoul and surrounding area but also to some mountain resort place, o Ireland, all over including the north, but most of my time spent in Galway where I took a summer university course o Rome (and surrounding area) o Sorrento (and surrounding area) o Paris (and surrounding area) o London (and surrounding area) o Munich (and surrounding area) o Florence (and surrounding area) o Benelux areas, live in Amsterdam so have travelled around o Various places in the US including Hawaii, but mainly just on the east coast. I haven't really seen that much of the US.

A short list, but I am working hard to remedy that! For Christmas I am going back to Bavaria for a week. My university thesis is on women in the Irish nationalist movement so I hope to use that as an excuse to go to Ireland for several weeks in the next year. I also hope to go to Spain next September. Glad I found this list and I enjoy hearing everyone's stories, plans, and tips.

Erina Amsterdam