Subject: Re-Introductions
Hi travellers,

I'd like re-introduct myself as well! My name is Marco, I live in a town located 15 kms west of Milan in Italy. I have enjoyed The Travelzine at the beginning (formaly a travel-L member).

I like help people coming in Milan as well I like travel around the world. I have visited extensively Italy and Europe and some country outside Europe (western USA, Turkey, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand). I like start to think about my next destination just when I come back from a trip. Now I'm planning my trip to Iran (hopefully!).

Since Milan is one of the main gate to Italy (after .... or before Rome, what do you think Flavio? :-)), I have had the chance to have some gtg with Ziners but just 2 outside Italy (both in New Zealand thaks to Richard and Erica!).

Alway available for a gtg in Milan, Marco.