Subject: Re: London in January
Hi Edna and other Travelzine members,

You are going to have such a lovely time. Wish we could be there for a GTG. We were in London from the 20th of Sep to the 2nd of Oct. Well, we went to Paris on the Eurostar for four days in the middle and that was fun, too. Much nicer than flying.

We did two of the London Walks day excursions. I don't think they have as many in the winter season, but you may want to check their web site at:

We did Bath with them last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This year I really wanted to do the London day excursion, but the only day we could have gone was the Friday after our Thursday arrival and we were still a bit tuckered out (we ended up getting to London about five hours late with our delay here locally and then a couple hours in Toronto, but it worked out really well as we were able to check right into the hotel).

This year we did Stonehenge and Salisbury (beautiful) and the Cotswolds and Oxford. We have had great success with their walks and find them to be wonderfully done. Would have liked to have gone to Hampton Court and Richmond, but that one was the day before we left so we just puttered around on our own. That's two saved for our next trip. :-)

We did find your motel while we were there. When you come out of the Bayswater tube station do a left and then a left at the Whitley mall, up to the next big street (about 2 blocks), a left and then a right on the first street on your right (I sure hope I'm remembering that right). We stayed at the Kensington Gardens Hotel, about a block from where you'll be staying. I had kept your post to peek as a just in case for future reference and it wasn't where I thought it was. We just sort of fell over it when we were out walking one morning. It is close to both tube stations, but not exactly between them. You are just a couple blocks from Kensington Gardens and Kensington Palace. We didn't tour the palace, but the park is gorgeous. Fantastically convenient location. Watch your wallet. We saw a fellow try to get in a girl's backpack (thank goodness not successfully). There are lots and lots of people out and about in the area (at least in the fall).

Have a grand time and happy holidays to all,