Subject: Christmas in Manhattan
Let me recommend the following museum sites to visit when you are planning on coming to Manhattan for a trip with a side order of cultural pate: Most of the following museum sites have at least one evening when the admission is by contribution. Even though the admission desk will ask for a contribution of anywhere from $8.00 or more, a contribution means just that- you can give from one cent and up without any embarrasement.

This is true all the time at the Metrop Mus of Art.

Most of these museums shows films, have a cafeteria, and some offer on Fri and Sat evenings free music concerts. Many will have beautiful Christmas music during the holidays.

I recommend visiting at least two museums in NYC because of a multi-enviornmental experience of the senses you are guaranteed to enjoy. Several museums are open till 8:30 pm and will give any traveler a memorable experience, even including looking at the works of art! Here are the major sites: