Subject: Favorite spots in Canada
Wow, Canada, One of the most beautiful spots in the world is Whistler. If you're going to go someplace to ski, I can't think of a more perfect spot. I was there during the summer 2 years ago, and there were kids skiing on the glacier in July. The day was as clear and perfect as any day could be. We took the tram to the top of the mountain to see the sights, and we counted back 7 layers of mountains.

We drove up to Whistler from Vancouver...along Howe Sound. We spent the night in Squamish, halfway to Whistler and shopped at a small gallery. The entire drive was spectacular with Garibaldi Mountain in the distance and waterfalls along the road.

Vancouver is also one of my favorite cities, the gaslight area and a new street development, Yale. There's a wonderful market on Granville Island. It was showcased on the food network last summer when they highlighted farmer's markets across the continent. If you can be inspired by a display of produce, that would be the place to see.

Sherry in San Antonio