Subject: Into another country (was: love Canada too!)
Baerbel wrote:

>it makes me smile every time when I hear things like that. In 2.5 hours from
>me I could either be in France or in Switzerland. Give a bit more (4 hours) I
>can reach Austria, Belgium or Czech (don't know the right English word for

*sigh* One of the many reasons I moved to Amsterdam. In my homestate of Virginia, I could drive for over 5 hours and still not leave the state! (driving from north to southwest). But at least I could drive... going in the opposite direction, going north and east, I would sit still in traffic for 5 hours and not leave the state ;-P *LOL* (that was the real reason for leaving ;-)

Erina Amsterdam, formerly of Reston, VA

P.S. In English, we say Czech or Czech Republic