Subject: Paris. and Hollad , I have two questions.

1) can anyone picture arriving paris at Gare du Nord a Sunday in cold winter at 9 PM,? will there be taxis around,?( I am asking because I recall that on Sunday nights it isn't that easy to find taxis in Paris) also I know there are a lots of extras to add to the taxi fare, for being Sunday, for coming from the train station, for the luggage and for being late at I missing something?... If anyone has information on all these extras it will helpful to know off hand. The drive is from Gare du Nort to a hotel in St- -Germain des- Pres.-

2) which is the best way to buy a ticket a train ticket from Amsterdam to Paris.?

I am not been able to get a telephone number to call in Amsterdam to buy the tickets with my Visa, as one can do in France.

Thank you, Graziella Miami Beach