Subject: train from Amsterdam to Paris
Thank you Pat for the inf. regarding buying trains tickets in Amsterdam.

Does your travel agent charges you the same price than in Europe or does she charge more? I am asking this because sometime ago I bought ( Vienna-Prague-Prague-Budapest) tickets through Eurorail( I believe that was the name of the agency) , and I thought they were charging only a $10 extra fee , but they turned out to be much more expensive .

Next time I had to buy tickets Lyon-Torino, and I did it through a phone for foreigners provided by the French railway, it was a breeze, I gave them my Visa No. and the tickets were waiting for us at the railway station where we picked them up 30' before leaving. It turned out to be real unexpensive, I got a big discount because it was Sunday + a senior discount...I doubt I would have gotten this superb rate by the Us located Eurorail agency.-It is my impression and I might be wrong that they charge you the full fare plus the extras for reservation... Most of the time we drive in Europe so I do not know much about trains as you can see. Graziella Miami Beach