Subject: RE: Borneo
Hi Ann, I was there some years ago. We took a flight from Johre Baru to Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah. We stayed some days in Kota Kinabalu, and visited the islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. They really are worth the visit, they are little islands with very nice beaches and a lush vegetation. You can have some great snorkeling or walk in the jungle. There are a lot of boats, driven by Filippines refugees, which get you to the islands in the morning and pick you up in the late afternoon. Some days it could be really an experience (once we made the trip on a little boat under a storm!). Soma islands have also overnight accomodations.

We also rented a car and went to the Kinabalu park. That's another wonderful excursion, as there are a lot of easy paths in the rainforest. You don't need to have a guide to do these paths, but it's worth making also a guided walk as they give you a very interesting explanation of all the plants and animals that you meet during the walk.

If you are a hiker, you can also walk up to the Kinabalu peak.

We planned also a flight to Sandakan, to visit the Sepilok reserve, but the food in the Kinabalu park made us very sick so we had to spend some days in Kota Kinabalu to recover.

I suggest you also to make a visit to Kutching and to spend some days along the rivers of Sarawak to visit the long houses. Unfortunately we hadn't the time to do it.

Ciao, Stefano Dighero Genova - Italy