Subject: Train tickets through travel agent
Hi -- Frankly, I don't know if we pay extra. I know that she (our agent) does not make a charge, but she does go through a RailEurope type of agency, so perhaps they add a fee. The prices always seem fair and reasonable and ordering through her simply saves us a lot of hassle. While we always want a good price, we do not count the last nickel and dime, preferring to save, instead, stress, time, and wear-and-tear on us! After we pay a certain price for anything related to travel, having investigated the market some, we never ask others what they paid or worry too much about it (that would just give me heartburn and Pat a headache!!)---if the price seems fair and within our range, we simply enjoy the trip. Hope you can find tickets and good fares from Amsterdam, Graciela. Cheers, Bill in Baltimore